Say Hello To The New

The site has just been relaunched! And this is just the beginning—there are many more ideas to make the site better.


This is the community’s site and it’s truly been a community effort to create a new look as well as a new vision. Many people were involved with the redesign, but several community members have also been doing a lot of less visible work (modernizing the server, dealing with abandoned content…).

I’d like to thank Sam, fantasai, Reed, Robert, Chris, Stephen, Jeremy, Gordon, Eric, John, Simon, Frank, Mark and everyone at Happy Cog and silverorange for making this happen (and I apologize for anyone I’ve left out).

There’s lots more to do, so if you’d like to get involved with the site let me know.

21 Responses to Say Hello To The New

  1. David says:

    Congrats! New site looks amazing.

  2. Brian King says:

    Looks great David, good job.

  3. pd says:

    that’s the weirdest design I’ve seen in a long time. What is the big black block at the top all about? Talk about bizarre.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Yay David! It looks awesome. Great work!!

  5. karl says:


    Congratulations for the new design. Clean and nice.

    There is an issue though. The first text on the page is “We believe”. That is just bad IMHO. Open source community gives choices to people. It is definitely not about “following”, but “embracing” because you have been convinced by it.

    Here, there is a notion (at least in my French culture), that you abandon all *critical thinking* for a message which sounds like a sect. It gives in the hand for some people a bad propaganda image of Mozilla.

    It’s good to have values: “The internet should be public, open and accessible.” but it’s bad to believe in values.

    What about something on the lines of “Our values are …”
    or if you want to stay in the engaging message “We Think”.

    • davidwboswell says:

      I understand that there are issues with the word ‘believe’ and our plan is to rotate several different things in that space to see what works best.

      There was a recent post and discussion about this issue at:

      Feel free to take a look there and please let me know if you have any other comments or suggestions based on that.

      • karl says:

        Hi David,

        The explanation on the page is interesting. The “We are building” is a better choice and I think it values the poetry of Mozilla story. The values of Mozilla seem to be very close from the Mingei movement (defined by Yanagi Soetsu). See

        * made by anonymous crafts people

        * produced by hand in quantity

        * inexpensive

        * used by the masses

        * functional in daily life

        (* representative of the regions in which they were produced.)

  6. Nuss says:

    Nice to see it up and running! Great work!

  7. rmlumley says:

    It looks great in FF, Safari & Chrome, but in IE7 the front page is broken (Latest News & Our Projects). Is this intentional?

  8. Rowno says:

    Hi, the new site looks great!

    I’m also interested in getting involved with the site if you’re still looking for help.

    I’ve been looking for a way to contribute to Mozilla for sometime now and since I have a fair amount of web knowledge, I’m thinking this is a great way to get involved. :)

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