What Does The Mozilla Community Look Like?

I came across MIT Media’s data portrait project over the weekend. After playing around with it using my name* and some friend’s names, I tried putting in ‘Mozilla Community’.


The results are interesting (why are ‘sports’, ‘accident’ and ‘genealogy’ in there?) but this doesn’t seem too useful as it is. What if something like this had different labels (such as Mozilla sub-communities—l10n, QA, marketing, etc.) that linked to specific information about whatever someone wanted to check out?

Creating some sort of interactive visual representation of the community is a big interest for me. The current Community content on http://www.mozilla.org seems particularly unhelpful (a set of static links arranged in just one particular way seems to capture very little about Mozilla) and should be rethought.

Does this visualization seem like a good starting point to work with? If not, what do you think works better? I know other people are also interested in this topic, so maybe we can get together and figure out how to move forward? If this conversation is already happening and I’ve missed it, please feel free to clue me in.

* Here’s my data portrait:


It looks like only one of the pages used in the portrait relates to me and the rest are all about other David Boswells. I just can’t compete with jazz guitarists and state congressmen.

2 thoughts on “What Does The Mozilla Community Look Like?

  1. It seems to analyse the text it picks up in the animated portion of building up the data portrait. Perhaps “tree” is associated with genealogy? Sports and accident could both be “crash”-related? Medicine – “bug”?

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