Slow Food and Fast Internet

Yesterday I went to Hidden Villa, a non-profit focused on environmental and social justice education, to help with some of their web needs for Service Week.

Some other Mozillians were helping with their web site, so I ended up having an impromptu help desk and answered a range of questions about how they can use different web tools to improve how they do their jobs.


I was happy to help, but I was really more interested in helping them do some stuff around the farm (I could use tips about how to improve my so-far-unsuccessful gardening efforts). I guess it’s not surprising that people often volunteer to explore different interests instead of doing the same thing they do for their job.

This is useful to keep in mind for our redesign of the Getting Involved page. We could sort opportunities by experience, but someone with a lot of programming experience might not want to do more programming. They may want to learn how marketing works instead.

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