Getting Involved Redesign Round 2.5

The next round of designs* for the new Getting Involved page is now available. I think things look better and flow better than the first mock-up we posted. Specifically:

  • All of the pathways for getting involved are now above the fold—the ticker has been included as another option in the tabbed browser and a contact form is in the sidebar.
  • The original design was all text and a bit drab. A tweaked star graphic from the home page (this can develop as a theme across the site whenever information about contributing is available) and a prominent space for graphics promoting opportunities livens things up.

What do you think? Getting better? Still needs work?


* This is round 2.5 since we developed three designs for the second round but felt that two of them just didn’t work as well. So we took the strongest and tweaked it a bit.

  • One we decided not to use built on the original search box idea that I think is impracticable.
  • The other featured a more prominent email form that ended up taking up too much space.

We may be totally wrong though. If you think the above design is going in the wrong direction and we should revisit other options, let us know.

8 thoughts on “Getting Involved Redesign Round 2.5

  1. If we think about localizing, I’d be interested in particular about the getting involved part.

    As such, I’d rather not use a graphic with text as meme to get involved, as that’s unlikely to localize well.

    Not sure how much the mock-up is a mock-up, the content in “Skill Level” doesn’t have a lot of skill levels.

    The “Areas of interest” don’t have “I want to fix all crashers in table layout”, which is one of my mantras of why people are involved with Mozilla (that one’s stolen from Bernd).

    And now to make a complete ass out of myself by jumping in late on the the discussion, here is how I try to word contribution opportunities, in l10n and beyond:

    – I never try to rank things. There’s some order by writing it down, but I try to get around using 1,2,3,4.
    – I always try to put the benefit of taking a task next to the task.

    Then people can make an educated decision on what they wanna do and why. Hopefully.

    1. Thanks for the comments Axel. Most of the text in the page is place holder for now, but we will need to fill that in with real opportunities soon. If you’d be interested in helping with that, that would be great.

      Any guidance on making smart localization choices to is welcome. As far as coming up with some design theme goes, we could make an image with no text and that could still help us set off contribute content in places.

  2. I really like this.

    The only tweak I’d make is have some kind of short intro text for the tabs: “Sort opportunities by:” or something, just to make it really clear that it’s the same opportunities on each tab, rather than entirely different ones. (Or is it?)


  3. Honestly, I’m still bothered by the egregious waste of space that the left margin has. It unnecessarily pushes a lot of content below the fold, no matter how well you organize it.

    As for this particular page, I do think it is organized well. But you do plan on updating the copy text, right? The headlines are a little blah.

    1. Yes, the text is not finalized and will be updated before the page goes live. If you’re interested in helping us figure out what opportunities and text to include, you’re certainly welcome to get involved with get involved 🙂

      For the left margin, that’s something it would be great to clean up. To get it fixed though we need to find someone who is interested in playing around with media queries to optimize things for different screen sizes.

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