This Bird Has Flown

Yesterday was Moustache Monday at Mozilla. With a little help from my friends and their fake moustaches, I summoned the nerve to show up at work with my own real long, long, long facial hair. That means a lot to have people do that for you.

After five months of beard innovation though, it’s all too much and I have shaved. I’m down in the dumps a little bit now that the experiment is over, but things are getting better because all I’ve got to do is wait and it won’t be long until opportunity returns.

But something tells me that this isn’t the end and the moustache is still out there. Shaving allowed it to stretch it’s wings and now it is flying as free as a bird. I’ve got a feeling I’ll see it again–maybe the next time I’m watching rainbows in calico skies I will see it sailing past.


Moustache Related Contest: Guess how many Beatles songs are mentioned in this post and win an almost new container of Clubman brand moustache wax!

10 thoughts on “This Bird Has Flown

  1. This is a fun challenge. Here are the ones I counted:

    * This Bird Has Flown
    * Yesterday
    * With a Little Help from My Friends
    * Long, Long, Long
    * That Means a Lot
    * It’s All Too Much
    * I’m Down
    * Getting Better
    * Because
    * All I’ve Got to Do
    * Wait
    * It Won’t Be Long
    * Something
    * The End
    * Flying
    * Free as a Bird
    * I’ve Got a Feeling
    * Watching Rainbows
    * I Will

    Nice animated gif, too.

    1. Very impressive. You even found one I overlooked — I didn’t have ‘Wait’ in my list of songs I used 🙂

      The only thing that isn’t in your list is a Paul McCartney song I threw in there — ‘Calico Skies’ — but you did get all the Beatles ones. That means you win the slightly used moustache wax!

  2. So that’s why you were hunting for the double rainbow photogrpah … you clever guy! Love the animated stache. Though I see no calico in that sky. Perhaps Hayden can school you on what constitutes a calico print 🙂

  3. I had a friend in grad school who would grow his beard out all winter. When spring arrived, he would shave it off in stages over the course of a week. Each day he would sport some different version of a beard/moustache/goatee.

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