A Recruiting Engine for the Mozilla Community

We just finished the redesign of the Get Involved page. The final version refines several things from the second round including adding community icons to the list of opportunities, reducing the number of tabs, clarifying the remaining headings and tweaking the star design a bit more.


As we’ve worked on this, I’ve realized that the goal isn’t to design the perfect Get Involved page, but rather to set up a recruiting engine and this page is just one part of that.

The other part involves pulling together people from across the community to make contributing to Mozilla easier—that will include keeping this page updated but it should go beyond that as well.

If you’re interested in this page and about bringing more contributors into the project, please come to our first contribute group call this Thursday.

  • Meeting time: Thursday, October 8 at 10:00 pacific
  • Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 7600

9 thoughts on “A Recruiting Engine for the Mozilla Community

  1. The mock-up looks good however I think that the icons should be smaller like on the Featured Projects page.
    Those are (mostly) 50x50px and on the mock-up page they are 100x100px. If the Mozilla Communities logo is going to be used, then perhaps the logo with the wordmark should be used to try and keep things symmetrical.

    “As such, Iโ€™d rather not use a graphic with text as meme to get involved, as thatโ€™s unlikely to localize well.”
    Axel Hecht

    I really liked the use of an enthusiastic (looking) group of people that was used for Mozilla Service Week. It was fun, energetic, and conveyed a participatory, welcoming, and united message.
    Perhaps something similar could be used for a Getting Involved logo with the mozilla wordmark, or other, or no text at all on the actual logo, just plain text under the logo which could be easily localized.

    It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a photo, a silhouette of a group could be used.

  2. “Get In Touch” is a nice touch – low bar way to get someone involved who doesn’t know where to start. Keep it prominently displayed ๐Ÿ™‚

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