A Better Internet

We just added a page to mozilla.org that describes what we mean when we talk about building a better Internet. This is a mix of recent discussions on blogs, some illustrations (including an illustrated moustache) and links to a few ways people can get more involved.


Boiling down the different blog posts about a better Internet and the open web seemed like a good way to provide an introduction to people about this concept, but also a good way to help us work through how we talk about things.

I’d be surprised if this page doesn’t evolve over the next few months as we rethink how we define the characteristics we believe are most important for a healthy Internet and how we concisely describe each.

If there’s something on this page that you think should be tweaked, added to, rewritten or removed, let us know.

4 thoughts on “A Better Internet

  1. Those two tied guys that are “Shared Control” are strange. I could not understand the benefit of being tied in such a way, and they wave their hands like they are going to hit each other right now.

  2. There’s gotta be a better word than ‘remixability’ here. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and there’s probably a pretty large number of people out there who don’t even know what a ‘remix’ is.

    ‘Changeable’? Certainly easier to understand, but a bit broad/vague.

    ‘Personalizable’? Probably conveys the intended meaning better, though it could seem to exclude changes that you intend to share with others.

    ‘Customizable’? I like this best, although it might not imply being able to take a peek at the innards of what others have created as well as ‘remix’.

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