A New Getting Involved Page

The new Get Involved page was posted on mozilla.org last week and we’ve had a good response so far. The page encourages people to contact us* about what they’d like to do and we’ve had:

  • 7 people contact us about QA
  • 2 people contact us about localization
  • 2 people contact us about webdev
  • 1 person contact us about coding
  • 1 person contact us about stats analysis

There’s nothing to compare these numbers with, but having over a dozen people in a week express interest in contributing to Mozilla seems like a good thing. (Thanks to Tomcat for responding to most of those emails).


As I mentioned before, getting the new page up is only the beginning for what we could be doing. How do we get more people to this page? What’s the best way to help people get started when they express interest? Would having mentors for different community areas be useful?

If you’re interested in these questions, please come by our next contribute group call:

  • Meeting time: Thursday, October 29 at 10:00 pacific
  • Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 7600

* We’re also trying out volunteer referral sites such as VolunteerMatch and Volunteer Toronto as a way to bring people into the community.

12 thoughts on “A New Getting Involved Page

    1. Linking from Firefox is possible (there’s already a bookmark to the Get Involved page on mozilla.com) but the page will need to be localized into all of the languages that Firefox ships in.

    1. Good suggestion about removing the en-US. I just removed that and the change will be live soon.

      For the locale communities, I’m happy to include something about that. Do you have any suggestions for where to put it (in localization section?), what it should say and where it should link (is there currently a page with more information to point to?).

  1. Great work on the page! It’s clear, clean, and simple. The whole site is now actually.

    Every time that a meeting/call in approaches I have full intentions on participating, then 100 other things pop up. Bummer ey?

    I’m not sure how involved Jame Boje is (I know that he was) but it would great if he would create a logo (an official Mozilla one?) to represent Localization. Perhaps by using the Firefox globe as a base?
    An MDC one or a larger version of their current one would be cool also to keep things nice and streamlined and symmetrical.

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