Getting Involved With Getting Involved

On the new Get Involved page we’re encouraging people to let us know what areas of the community they’d like to contribute to. So far a handful of people each day have been using it, but then we added a link to the Firefox Start page yesterday…


When I woke up this morning more than 50 inquiries were waiting asking about all areas of the project. Right now the contribute group has people from QA, Support and L10n helping to respond, but we’re looking to bring in more people to help respond to questions about security, UI design, documentation and more.

Let me know if you’d like to get involved with the get involved page. Taking part in the contribute group would require some of your time, but it will put you in contact with people who want to help out with your project. (If only Shelley Levene had access to this, he might have won those steak knives.)

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