This End Up

I recently read two more gardening books—The Backyard Homestead and Sow and Grow. Both had useful information about growing plants in your home or yard that you’d only figure out after a lot of trial and error.

For instance, we recently put a sweet potato in a jar and the leaves started coming out the bottom and going into the water. The Sow and Grow book told us that potatoes have an up side and a down side (who knew?) so I turned it around and it’s much happier now with everything pointing in the right direction.

There were all sorts of other interesting bits that hopefully I’ll try to put into practice soon (except for the parts that talked about keeping chickens, pigs and cows in your backyard). Maybe I’ll work on an indoor pineapple grove next to go along with my one baby tree avocado grove?

Up next, I’ve started reading Norman Mailer’s Of a Fire on the Moon.

P.S. After the gardening books I read Home Game, a funny book about fatherhood. It felt like a long article that had been double-spaced into a small book and I don’t really have that much to say about it (other than the fact that I learned you can camp in Fairyland).

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