Telling Our History With Parks

With Mozilla about to enter it’s 12th year, there’s a lot of history that I’d like to pull together and make more discoverable. For instance, creating a dynamic timeline that community members could add information to would capture all sorts of interesting information.

Another idea is to tell the history of Firefox through the parks that have been used as project code names*. We’re thinking through this and we’d love to get feedback. Chelsea has posted some initial ideas and there’s a Parks page on the wiki, so take a look if you’re interested.

We’ve also started work on what a Parks page would look like by using Namoroka, the code-name for Firefox 3.6, as a starting point. Below is the first mock-up and we’ll post more as we get them.

Right now this page is doubling as a main Parks page that talks about the overall idea plus a Namoroka-specific page, so there’s not lots of room for history content. As this evolves beyond one page into more of a Parks section, we’ll be able to start going into more of the history.

In addition to telling our history, we can also help out these parks. In the mock-up, there’s a donation link that people can use if they’d like to support Namoroka. We’ve partnered with the Madagascar Fauna Group’s Save The Lemur campaign and we’ll look into similar arrangements for the other code-name parks.

* Five Years of Firefox is great but it seems like more of a celebration of Firefox than a place to discuss the history itself. Linking any parks pages with that is certainly worth looking into.

4 thoughts on “Telling Our History With Parks

    1. Gen, Discover Shiretoko and the InterFORest project were definitely an inspiration for this idea and we’d love to get you and the Mozilla Japan team involved with a Shiretoko parks page on — or with any of the other park pages as well 🙂

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