Getting New People Involved In The Community

In the month since I last posted about the new Getting Involved page, a lot has happened. I’ve been amazed to see the response we’ve had from the contact form—more than 1,500 people have gotten in touch to tell us they want to contribute to Mozilla.

Only a few of those people have contributed so far and we discussed ways to make it easier to get started at a session at the all-hands. There were a lot of good ideas such as improving the way the form works, identifying easy first projects for each community area and being disciplined about maintaining the helpwanted keyword in Bugzilla.

I had a presentation for the session, but my laptop wasn’t able to hook up to the projector. It turned out better that way since we ended up sharing ideas for the whole hour. I wanted to post the slides though, since there is one page with quotes from people that highlight challenges with getting involved that is worth looking at.

The page itself has also evolved in the last month. The content is shifting as we’re seeing what people are contacting us about and as other groups in the community try ideas out. Thanks to Jamey Boye the design has also improved with the addition of a new logo for localization.

I imagine things will continue to evolve as we see what works and what can be done better. If you’d like to get involved with this, comment on this post and I’ll be sure to let you know when the contribute group meets again sometime in January.

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