Turning A Hurdle Into An Invitation

The Firefox project page on mozilla.org has information intended to help testers and developers get involved with the community. It needed some love since the information was out of date and not organized all that well (you can see the before version below).

The most interesting part of the page for me was the information about how people could contribute:

Get started today by finding and fixing something. Instructions are not provided here since figuring out how to do all of this can be considered part of the “entry requirements”.

When the community was much smaller these sorts of instructions made more sense, but now there is so much going on that we need to over communicate and be very clear about what people can do and where they can go with any questions.

I think the new version of the page looks nicer and is also more useful—along with the Firefox release and documentation information there’s a link to the Get Involved page and links to our forums and chat server.

If you’re interested in finding more ways to make it easier to bring new people into the community, join us for the next contribute group meeting this Thursday. Meeting information is below:

  • Meeting time: Thursday, January 28 at 11:00 pacific
  • Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 7600
  • Back channel: irc.mozilla.org#siteplanning

2 thoughts on “Turning A Hurdle Into An Invitation

    1. Good idea about the roadmap link — I’ll add that.

      Right now the page is in the top 10 most visited on the site, so definitely worth making it useful.

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