Proposed update for the Minefield Start Page

After looking at how to make the Firefox Project page more useful to developers and testers, I wanted to take a pass at updating the Minefield Start Page to see if there were some ways to improve that too.

This draft mockup does a few things:

  • Moves the information about testing Minefield higher up on the page so more is above the fold
  • Adds a prominent link for people to find out how to get involved with Mozilla beyond testing
  • Removes the embedded Hendrix form and uses that space for more information about the QA community and QA tools

Any feedback on this is welcome. I’ll post this to the relevant newsgroups too soon for discussion.

Update: Based on feedback I’ve made some more tweaks. Here’s the newest mockup.

  • There is now a Bugzilla feed showing the top 5 most wanted Minefield bugs (not sure if this list exists or not but some sort of Bugzilla feed could go here)
  • Added information about localized nightlies and how to get started with the localization community
  • Streamlined the text to help keep things readable (it’s crowded but there’s a lot of useful information to provide)

6 thoughts on “Proposed update for the Minefield Start Page

  1. I read or heard somewhere some time ago, that a list of the latest bugs fixed in the nightly would be listed as a way to guide people towards most new stuff. Something like:
    New in this build: top 5-10 bug fixes
    New this month/release: top 5-10 selected bugs, probably new features. Ideally, a link to the corresponding Litmus test could also be featured.

    1. A bug feed sounds like it would be very useful. Does something like that exist today or would this need to be manually updated? Just fixed bugs would be interesting, but would top 5 most wanted minefield bugs also be useful if that list existed?

    1. Good idea. Just because someone is going to that page doesn’t mean they’re using the latest nightly. Would be interesting to check the user agents for the page in the web stats.

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