Featured Mozilla-Based Applications for February

People and organizations are doing a lot of interesting things with Mozilla technologies. Here are two of the many Mozilla-based applications available. If you would like to suggest other applications to feature, please leave a comment.

The next version of Eudora under development by Qualcomm is a new, open source email client that joins the Eudora user experience with Thunderbird’s powerful and flexible messaging framework.

GlobalMojo is a new web browser that helps you generate money for your favorite causes simply by browsing the Internet the same way you do every day, and at no cost to you.

3 thoughts on “Featured Mozilla-Based Applications for February

  1. I’ve released ItsNat v0.7 with remote XUL support including AJAX. It seems too late for your post 🙂

    In ItsNat XUL (and SVG and MathML) is almost the same important as X/HTML.

    Pure XUL pages with no reload (Single Page Interface applications), XHTML embedded in XUL, XUL embedded in XHTML (including MIME text/html), XUL mixed with SVG, modal layers, server-sent events, Comet, remote view-control of XUL pages, XUL support in MSIE with Savarese Ssrc plugin … are the kind of things you can do with XUL and ItsNat.

    May be you remember me from this article:


  2. Thanks David

    In spite of “Core” level is enough to code AJAX intensive applications with XUL, I would like to add more ItsNat components to XUL but I’m not sure how much demand exists and how much support I’m going to find.

    I would like to see a re-birthing of remote XUL in web thanks to AJAX (with some help of ItsNat of course).

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