Proposal for how to tell the Mozilla and Firefox story better

In case you missed today’s brown bag about the Mozilla web universe, it was a discussion about how to use all of the community’s web sites together to tell our story more clearly.

A lot of ground was covered, but I was most interested in how we can be more clear about branding sites Mozilla or Firefox. It seems like we don’t always fully think through how a new site is going to fit in the existing web universe and that creates some confusion.

One proposal from the brown bag to address this is to make use of both and domains instead of using Mozilla domains for products, community and companies. I think this has a lot of potential to make things more understandable.

For instance, it seems hard to tell the story of the community’s mission when people’s major experience with Mozilla is the place where they download Firefox. On the other hand, referring to everything as Mozilla seems to get in the way of talking about Firefox (we have a Firefox Support site but it’s called

Asa also had some history to offer. He mentioned that several years ago when was being set up that the first choice was to have a site, but there were some perceived trademark and legal issues that stopped them. Those specific issues are no longer a concern.

What do you think about organizing the Mozilla and Firefox stories around the and domains? Does that make sense? Is the current set-up working well enough that we should leave it as is? Are there other ideas for what we could do?

10 Responses to Proposal for how to tell the Mozilla and Firefox story better

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  2. Mariscos says:

    I dosen’t make any sense, mozilla invented firefox, is not like they are at the same level, this is misundertood by people.

  3. I dind’t now there was a confusion regarding to this subject, i think things have always been clear.

  4. nimala says:

    This definitely makes sense and is something that should be done.

  5. Armeria Wow says:

    I think for the non technical final user Firefox confuse and disturb a litle in offering so frecuently actualizations of addons at the startup. It is noted that the soft is for more advanced users.

    Armeria Wow

  6. I agree with Armería Wow, but I think it is the esence of Firefox, a high level user browser.

    Best Regards,
    Hormigon Impreso

  7. For me this is perfectly clear, dont know what was is point????

  8. Hormigon Impreso, it may be the esence fo Firefox, but they have to go to the big market.

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  10. […] in the world!). He also posted a blog post about the topic, and David Boswell then followed up by providing his thoughts from the point of view of the Mozilla […]

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