Some More Mozilla-Based Application Logos

After my last post about Mozilla-based applications, several people let me know about other applications that I wasn’t aware of. I’ve now arbitrarily assembled 60* logos of active projects so it’s time for an update.

This image shows logos for applications that currently make use of at least one Mozilla technology, question marks to show that there are likely applications out there we don’t know anything about and logos for projects that are no longer active or no longer use Mozilla code.

If you know of anything missing from this list, please let me know.

* The total number of applications using Mozilla technologies is much higher than 60, but I’m just pulling the ones with nice logos into this image. Feel free to look through the full list if you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “Some More Mozilla-Based Application Logos

  1. This one is missing from the list, but definitly uses the mozilla runtime (gre):
    Logitech Harmony Remote Software
    It a remote control configuration tool, largely is webbased (using the gecko runtime), and then flashes via USB the remote controller.

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