He Was Saying Bin Bag

I finished reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go a few weeks ago. It was odd in a Haruki Murakami sort of way (a good thing). Not too surprising since I was having a discussion with some friends about Murakami and they lent it to me since they thought I’d like it.

The book also solved a 16 year old mystery. I saw Shallow Grave when it came out in 1994 (best Ewan McGregor movie ever) and watched it probably more than a dozen times on video. The Scottish accents get pretty thick and I couldn’t always tell exactly what they were saying.

There’s one scene were I thought one of the characters said that he’d stuff someone in a bean bag. I just figured he was trying to come up with an eccentric threat. Apparently this is one of those English vs. American boot vs. trunk things though and he was saying ‘bin bag’.

This book is set in England and they mention bin bags at one point and suddenly I understood. Thank you Kazuo, now I know.

Next, The Panic of 1907.

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