What are people looking for on mozilla.org?

To prepare for the upcoming design work on mozilla.org we wanted to get some concrete information about what people are looking for on the site. We ran a survey linked to on the home page that received over 500 responses and I wanted to follow up with some of the results.

We had assumed that there’s not one clear action for people to take on mozilla.org unlike most other community sites that are more specialized (install an add-on, get support, read documentation…) and the responses confirmed this.

So we need to make sure the home page can act as a project-wide hub and feature key information, like the Mozilla mission, that is hosted on mozilla.org. This is an interesting challenge—how do you have enough information to be useful but not so much that it is overwhelming?

Although people were looking for a range of different things, it was encouraging to see the existing site design was helping a majority of the people find what they wanted.

There is still room for improvement though and the comments people left give us direction about what to surface more prominently. For instance, many comments were about services related to applications (support, add-ons, etc) and I think we can address this by making the Projects page more of a hub for these services instead of just a set of links to download a given application.

2 thoughts on “What are people looking for on mozilla.org?

  1. Great stuff David. The survey was definitely very helpful in helping us get a sense of how the homepage (and overall site) is currently performing, and ways that we can help improve the experience going forward. I’m glad we did the survey for a quick health check, and am looking forward to diving even deeper into the click-data once the appropriate analytic tools are put in place.

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