A Community Directory

The job title on my business card is ‘Tour Guide’ and this is a good description of what I spend a lot of time doing—providing information about what Mozilla is and assistance to help people find what they’re looking for.

I’ve been wanting to make the Community section on mozilla.org into the digital version of the map at the entrance to a park and I’m starting to plan what that will look like. As a starting point, I’ve posted a new Directory page that combines and expands on some of the existing site lists.

I think it’s helpful to have a whole list to get a sense of the scope of Mozilla (there are over 100 sites on the page) and also to see how individual sites form a more or less cohesive unit (for instance, did you know there was both a survey.mozilla.com and surveys.mozilla.org).

This is just a starting point for this new page (maybe we add ways for people to filter the list?) and the whole Community section (also having a conceptual map that shows specific areas of interest instead of everything would be nice) so feel free let me know if you have suggestions for how to make Mozilla easier to understand and navigate.

2 thoughts on “A Community Directory

    1. I was thinking of adding some filtering that would allow people to show or hide sites in the list based on certain criteria (perhaps one way would be local site vs. core site (or something like that)). I think it’s useful to have a view of everything all mixed together but also useful to be able to sort. Thoughts on the filtering idea in general or specific ways to sort are certainly welcome.

      BTW, Mozilla Slovenija added.

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