Pacman Just Ate My Easter Egg

Today the Google home page has a playable version of Pacman on it. That’s cool, but unfortunately it also takes my idea for an easter egg on Oh well, I’ll just have to think of something else.

I was a few years ahead of Google on Pacman in the browser though. This has reminded me of a couple of articles that Brian King and I wrote in 2000 about creating a Pacman clone out of XUL. Enjoy the screenshot of the retro video game inside the retro Mozilla interface below.

Update: I checked my mail after posting this and saw that three people had written to webmaster at mozilla dot org complaining about the game noise that was now coming out of their browser and saying they were going to uninstall Firefox if it didn’t stop. Interesting unintended consequences…

8 thoughts on “Pacman Just Ate My Easter Egg

  1. Lol, so THAT’s the sirens someone complained about at SUMO.

    Lol… People never cease to amaze me. Today I found yet another dude that didn’t know that middle clicking a link opens it in a new tab…

  2. Thanks to Google, I’m seeing a wave of people complaining on ‘strange sounds’ when starting their browsers. I wish to see this becoming an hot question on SUMO this week! 🙂

    1. Good question. From the screenshot my guess is 2000071020. I’ll look around in my notes and see if I still have any of this stuff still around to check.

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