How to make the most of the Mozilla Web Universe

The two images below present a problem that I think is relevant to everyone who works on or uses a Mozilla web site.

Mozilla started out with a simple web presence, but the community has grown and things are not so simple anymore.

If figuring out how to make the most of all of Mozilla’s web sites is something that interests you, please join us for the Mozilla Web Universe session at the Summit. This is currently scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

8 thoughts on “How to make the most of the Mozilla Web Universe

  1. Yeah.. i”ve been complaining about this the last 3-4 years… simply anybody can make a website firefox related and if people like it, mozilla will just start hosting it for them… Which I think is stupid.

    When I want to find certian things I don’t know where to go… or why is what where?.. if it represents things from one or the other.. why is it sometimes on both?

    Also.. if I wanted to download firefox.. where do I go?,, getfirefox, spread firefox?

    I think mozilla needs one URL. ONE.

    *ends rant*

    1. Things have grown organically and that means that not everything always makes tons of sense. I think there are some simple things we could do to address the questions you mention. Stop by the session to discuss ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Google certainly is a great way to get around the Mozilla web universe — the problem is that you have to know what to look for.

      Having a fragmented set of web sites makes discovering new things really hard for people. If someone comes in to Mozilla through a design challenge on the Creative Collective how are they going to find out another interesting design project happening at the Design Challenge site?

  2. Yes, it’s kind of crazy. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised that the new Student Reps site looks like and

    I can’t understand why everything must get a unique look and unique navigation. QMO is the worst example IMO. ๐Ÿ™‚

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