Refreshing the home page, part 2

There has been a lot of useful feedback about the new home page design and I wanted to follow up on some of the comments, in particular about the balance between mission and product information on the page.

Several people thought the product information was distracting a bit from the mission message, so we’ve made a few tweaks to address this:

  • The Firefox logo in the featured area is smaller
  • The copy about Firefox explicitly references the mission to create a link to the message above
  • There is a new main message that may be a stronger statement of our mission (we’ll test a range of things here to see what resonates best)

Another thing that wasn’t clear from the initial static mockup was that the featured project area is dynamic and can be used to show information about a number of things going on in the community.

These images show that space highlighting Thunderbird and a collection of other Mozilla projects. We can have that space automatically rotate through this information to help make discovering things easier.

I’ve been waiting for a couple years to find a good use for the Mozilla galaxy graphic from OSCON 2008 and think this is a great spot for it.

8 thoughts on “Refreshing the home page, part 2

  1. I’m still a bit unsure about the fact that we’re practically advertising Facebook and Twitter on while at the same time we’re working in Drumbeat to reduce the influence of such rather monolithic services.
    I love that galaxy picture though, works really well!

    1. Re, the Facebook and Twitter icons, we are certainly open to feedback and haven’t really decided what to do here so you can consider those as place holders for now. We do want to provide ways for people to hook into our news information and we’ll need to sort those details out.

  2. I think that design is good, 3 main subjects (badges) are balanced in place and size, much better than the current page. I suggest you to make a real page in HTML and place it somewhere to a stage server where we would be able to look at it “in live environment”. Without such test, I should tell that a static picture has a disadvantage in its size, it’s too big for my screen resolution 1024×768 and needs to be scaled down (it’s looked like a poster, not a real web page). Another, less important suggestion is to balance the lower part of screen with links: at least they should have the same width as central area (a top row with links is balanced much better).

    1. We’ll definitely put this up on a staging server when we started coding it which should happen pretty soon. In terms of balancing the lower part of the screen with links, that was our goal with the footer — we saw this as a place to provide a large set of links that could act as a portal to all sorts of community information.

  3. I still think the page should be focused more on the Mozilla mission instead of pro[du,je]cts, but I see in comments to the last post you mentioned the .org/.com consolidation, which does put some constraints on what the page can do…

    The basic two things I’ve want to avoid losing are (1) making it clear to visitors who come across the site that Mozilla isn’t your average company and (2) visitors specifically looking for information on the Foundation / mission can easily be guided to the subpages(s) about those topics.

    1. In terms of the constraints you mention, I think it’s worth being clear on the role of the site. isn’t a site focused on the mission, but rather a site focused on Mozilla as a whole (and the mission is clearly a big part of everything we do). If we were to have a site dedicated to the mission (which I’m not suggesting we do) then the design would be a lot different from this.

      In terms of your two other points, I completely agree that we want to make sure people are able to easily get to the pages devoted to Mozilla’s mission and I also agree that we don’t want this to come across as an average company’s web site — hopefully the enormous dino head alone goes a long way to preventing people from confusing this site with someone else’s 🙂

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