Summer Harvest

We pulled some carrots up today and got a nice mix of red, orange and white. We also picked a bunch of plums and there is talk of plum cobbler (hopefully we’ll get to blackberry cobbler too since there’s also lots of those around).

Thankfully the squirrels have spared some of the corn and a couple of the plants are now taller than I am and we saw four ears growing. There are lots of pumpkins too—a big green one that will turn orange and smaller white ones that should stay white.

Sadly the two avocado plants I recently moved outside haven’t made it—I think they got too much sunlight since their leaves looked scorched before falling off.

4 thoughts on “Summer Harvest

  1. Very impressive. And yummy looking too.

    Judging by the photo of the pumpkin, it looks like you have some black gold on your property.
    Not the type that makes oil executives tingle, but us gardeners.
    Is it all natural soil, compost etc?

    1. I added some compost to this patch when we planted the seeds, but it’s mostly just the soil that was there. We had also just watered so that might make the soil look a bit darker than usual.

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