A Map of the Mozilla Community

At the Summit I had a chance to check out Lost Lake Park. When I got there I saw a big map that showed an overview of the entire park with areas of interest and paths to different places clearly marked.

This was right before the session on the Mozilla Universe and it reinforced for me why we should be thinking about our sites as a coherent group and how this can improve people’s experience of interacting with Mozilla.

Today we launched an interactive map of Mozilla’s sites and like the map above this shows the entire web universe along with areas of interest and paths that show how parts of the community are connected.

The map uses the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit and does some cool things with HTML5 technologies, specifically canvas and CSS. Click around and try it out. We’ll continue to work on this so feel free to send feedback.

This is just one of the ways we can improve things in the web universe. If you’re interested in talking about other ideas, come by the first web site task force meeting later today at 10 AM pacific.

13 thoughts on “A Map of the Mozilla Community

  1. Wow, that’s very cool!
    It’s the best visual perspective and overview of the vast world of Mozilla that I’ve ever seen.

    Perhaps underlining the links in the descriptions wouldn’t be a bad idea so that people know that they’re clickable links (or use a different color?).

    Not sure if you’re aware, but there isn’t a description for Tools.
    Mozilla > Code > Tools.

    All in all, great job.

    1. One is the bugzilla.mozilla.org development tool and the other is bugzilla.org, the site devoted to community development of Bugzilla. We can tweak the wording to make that clearer.

  2. That’s really nice!

    It would be nice if you could also click on nodes that don’t have a legend; after exploring a little I remembered what was somewhere else in the map but couldn’t get there. (I quickly figured out how to click on a parent node to get to them.)

    1. I’m open to suggestions for improvements, but am not quite sure if I understand the change you’d like to make.

      To get back to a node you were on before, you can link directly to it with an anchor link. For example, the Thunderbird node is at


      Or is this about clicking into nodes that are just represented as dots in certain situations? For instance, if you were on the Thunderbird node the Labs node isn’t showing with a label then. It’s probably possible to do make dots without labels clickable. Patches are welcome 🙂

  3. Ah, OK; in my earlier post I hadn’t understood that you can “walk” the map by clicking buttons, thus changing what is shown. However, now I notice a strange property of this map: if I keep walking it back and forth between far-away nodes — Thunderbird and Mozilla Asia, let’s say — the whole map has a tendency to rotate counterclockwise. By doing it repeatedly I made it go full circle like a merry-go-round.

    1. Yeah, I was concerned about discoverability and people not realizing there was more to the map if you click around. The nodes are button-y shaped, but we could do more to call that out.

      In terms of the rotation, I’ve noticed that too. I think it’s related to the underlying HyperTree tool that we’re building on. As that gets updated to new versions on thejit.org site we can upgrade to fix bugs or get new features.

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