Firefox 4 and a Virtual Park

As new betas of Firefox 4 come out and the community gets ready for the next release, we are also putting together a new Mozilla Parks page. This will be for Tumucumaque National Park, located in Brazil it is the world’s largest protected tropical forest.

As we’ve done with earlier parks, we’ll talk about how Mozilla is protecting the digital ecosystem just like a park protects a physical ecosystem. The mockup below shows a page we’re putting together.

Instead of just talking about this, we also want to let people help us build a virtual version of the park with images, videos, tweets and more. This mockup shows what it could look like to have plants, animals and waterfalls growing out of content people have added.

We were inspired by what Mozilla Japan did with interFORest and we talked with people involved with that site at the Summit. Fortunately they agreed to help us and we’ve been working with them on this virtual park.

This virtual park will use some of the latest HTML5 magic and will hopefully turn out to be a fun way to feature some of the new advances in the web platform. If you’re interested in learning more, we should have a demo we can make available soon.

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