Cool Webs, Annoyed Spiders and Broccoli

Hayden and I had a pleasant surprise today when we found out that when you play with a hose in a backyard full of spiders you get a lot of cool dew-dropy webs (and some presumably annoyed spiders). I took a bunch of pictures and these were a couple of my favorites.

On the subject of our backyard, I’m sad to say the varmints won. Pretty much everything that we planted that grew above ground was eaten before it got ripe (D has managed to snag several almost ripe tomatoes but that’s it).

We did get some carrots and sweet potatoes that we had planted (but those were underground) and there were lots of blackberries and plums (but those plants were here when we moved in).

I think we’ll try out more underground stuff to see how that works (we put some turnip seeds in recently and there are some potatoes ready to go in the ground). We did plant a few broccoli plants though but I won’t be surprised if they get eaten at some point too.

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