Help Us Test The New Home Page

The new home page is being staged and I wanted to give people a chance to test it before we go live. Feel free to post comments here or on the wiki page listing known issues.

After this we will bring this new design to the other pages on the site. That’s what we’ve been working on since we wrapped up the home page design in early August.

There are so many different page layouts on the site (12 years of organic growth will do that) that it took a long time to fit those into a common template that was flexible enough to handle a range of variations.

I’m happy with what we’ve come up with and think it presents content in a clean and attractive way. For example, see the mockup of the new Mission page. I’ll post again when these new pages go live.

9 thoughts on “Help Us Test The New Home Page

  1. 1) The right aligned header looks weird to me, the first thing I thought was that the page was now wider and it was not centered then I tried full screen mode and noticed the header expands to the right

    2) Firefox 4 beta, Linux (Fedora), when selecting the “More projects” option a scrollbar appears, Screenshot

  2. Using Firefox 4.0b6 on Mandriva Linux Cooker, when the site loads I see all three of the ads for FF, TB and the other projects. Furthermore, after they are all in one box, they seem to change automatically, causing an evil animation, and even after I click a specific tab in the ad box, it keep rotating, and it’s annoying. Otherwise, looks fine.

    BTW, entering text in this textbox is incredibly slow in this textarea. Maybe there’s some obtrusive JavaScript.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. If you check out the list of known issues, we have the points you mentioned about the featured area listed there.

        About entering text in the textbox for this blog, that may be a WordPress issue. It works fine for me, fwiw.

  3. Am I alone in not understanding the difference between and isn’t even mentioned on the .org community map but both home pages are similar in content.

    1. If you are still having problems accessing, please let me know and I can look into it. There may have been a temporary server problem earlier.

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