Featured Mozilla-based Applications for November

People and organizations are doing a lot of interesting things with Mozilla technologies. Here are two of the many Mozilla-based applications available. If you would like to suggest other applications to feature, please leave a comment.

Ample SDK is a standards-based JavaScript GUI Framework that fills in functionality missing from some browsers, such as XUL and SVG, to give developers a consistent base for writing their web applications.

MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database that bridges the gap between key-value stores and traditional RDBMS systems.

4 thoughts on “Featured Mozilla-based Applications for November

  1. I’ve asked before with regard to featured “Mozilla-based” applications – it’d be really nice to know what Mozilla technologies they’re using. So Ample uses Xul (albeit apparently their own HTML-based implementation of it), but how does MongoDB relate to Mozilla? Doesn’t it use Google’s V8 javascript engine?

    1. Simon, thanks again for your suggestion about adding specifics about the technologies being used by these different applications. I’d love help with this, so if you’re interested please contact me.

      About mongoDB the following page says they use SpiderMonkey for server-side Javascript execution and V8 support is under development. If that page is out of date, please let me know.


      1. Ah, I see – I’d only seen the instructions for building against V8, didn’t realise that that was a new feature and that existing releases use SpiderMonkey…

        As to helping, it seems to me that it’d be a good start to not add new projects to that page without that kind of information. Not necessarily in great detail, just an extra sentence like “MongoDB uses the SpiderMonkey engine for server-side javascript.”

      2. Simon, adding a note like that to the description could work. I had also thought maybe breaking up the Mozilla-based applications page into sections based on technology instead of having one long list of apps.

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