Pre and Post Apocalypse Food Advice

I just finished Michael Pollan’s Food Rules and Stephen King’s The Stand. One is a very short non-fiction handbook and another is a 1,000+ page novel about a superflu epidemic but they do have some similarities—both have useful advice to how to eat in certain situations.

  • Before apocalypse: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
  • After apocalypse: Hope for the best. Eat twigs or people as needed.

Other than the food advice…

I often get impatient with novels where everything fits together perfectly (what would have happened if people hadn’t made fun of Trashcan Man at the end?) but things felt like they came together in service of the story instead of feeling contrived (compare this to A Prayer for Owen Meany which I’m still annoyed at having read).

I hadn’t read any Stephen King before and don’t feel an urge to read more, but I am glad I gave this a try.

Up next: You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup

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