A Tasteful Use Of New Web Standards

Since Mozilla has a goal of promoting the adoption of new open web standards, I’ve wanted the mozilla.org site to use emerging standards and lead by example.

Doing this in a way that enhances the content and role of the site, instead of doing something that feels tacked on and distracting, has been a challenge though.

As we’ve worked on the site, we’ve kept this in mind and added things when it made sense. I think we now have a nice set of examples that are worth pointing out. Currently, we’re using:

Some of the uses are subtle—you’ll only see the media queries in action if you view the site on devices of different sizes or if you resize your browser on a page. In this case, the fact that you probably won’t notice the effect is a good sign and shows we’ve made the site more flexible.

A more visible example is the Community Map page which is using the canvas tag and WOFF fonts. Other examples are found in other places on the site.

And on the subject of tasteful things on the Internet and in honor of NSID starting tomorrow, here’s a link to The Beards’ If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums video. It’s very inspiring.

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