Pandas, and Petrels, and Lemurs! Oh My!

If I may jump on the cute animal bandwagon, I wanted to note that in addition to supporting red pandas at the Knoxville Zoo, Mozilla has also raised close to $20,000 this year to support lemurs in Madagascar and Hawaiian sea birds.

Mozilla is dedicated to preserving and promoting a healthy online space and we’ve found that it helps people understand our mission better when we compare it to a more familiar cause, such as preserving wild life and wild spaces.

To help spread that message, we recently partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to support one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. They sent information about Mozilla and our mission to all of it’s members and we’ll be talking about this more with the Mozilla community as well.

So after giving those cute baby red pandas a virtual hug, take a look at how we are also raising awareness and support for the jaguar and other animals in Brazil’s Tumucumaque Mountains National Park.

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