Mozilla-Based Application Logos version 5

This image shows logos for:

  • Applications that currently make use of at least one Mozilla technology
  • Question marks to show that there are likely applications out there we don’t know anything about
  • Projects that are no longer active or no longer use Mozilla code.

Note that this covers all Mozilla technologies and not just Gecko and XULRunner. Some applications (for example, Chrome and that use NSS) aren’t normally thought of as using any Mozilla code but I wanted to include them to show the range of ways our platform is used.

If you know of anything missing from this list or from the more complete list, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Mozilla-Based Application Logos version 5

    1. A fine point — although the transitivity makes my head hurt a bit. I will say that this list is not perfect, so feel free to help me add or remove things as needed.

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