Like Herding Websites About Cats

Last year we started getting people involved in building and running Mozilla’s sites together to coordinate on things that would improve our web experience.

We’ve had some early successes with creating a strategy for how to use the domain and with identifying and retiring no longer active sites.

This Thursday at 10 pacific we’ll have the first taskforce meeting of the new year and we’re planning to discuss proposals about web fonts, a universal tab element and a site checklist.

To use web fonts as an example of the benefits of coordinating, it’s great that we have a bunch of sites experimenting with the best way to use the new WOFF format. The downside though is we could get into a situation where each of our sites uses a different font.

By working together, we can find a balance where we can benefit from these experiments and then have a way to roll out what works best across our sites. Or to put it another way, I like to think of it like herding websites about cats.

2 thoughts on “Like Herding Websites About Cats

  1. I hope any brand study ([shudder], possible trainwreck ahead 😉 ) keep the curled ‘ell’s in the Mozilla font, otherwise “ill” runs together. The current (Meta) font is pretty awesome with that ‘i’. Maybe you can get FontFont to freely license a WOFF version of a limited subset (‘M’, ‘F’, + lowercase?).

    Mozilla already restricts the rebranding people can do (viz. IceWeasel) and suffers from German spoof sites tricking people into paid downloads, so a restricted font that can only present Mozilla web sites may be a feature, not a bug. Your font taskforce page and linked mail thread only have vague references to “some people” and passive voice “It is felt…” that a free and open font matters. IMO you need an explicit rationale for the goal because there are so many shades of openness when it comes to fonts.

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