I Was Expecting It From The Beatles

I recently finished reading You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup and Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. I wasn’t surprised how unpleasant The Beatles’ breakup was in all of its details and how nasty they could be to each other. I was surprised that David Sedaris’ book was even nastier and unpleasanter than that.

Although it was full of not fun stuff, The Beatles’ break-up is a big part of their mythology and it was interesting to read about it. It seems painful to hear about how close they got to being back together a few different times, but I’m glad they didn’t—their story wouldn’t be the same if they did keep going on and have a series of bad recordings. It seems like ultimately they knew that too. There are quotes that say they realized they could never live up to their own reputations and it seems like that is what really kept them apart instead of unfortunate timing, egos or whatever.

And then there was the book about the animals. I understand how you would want to try something different after having done a series of great books that all had a very similar format and style. I can even understand if you wanted to do something that wasn’t funny. I have a hard time seeing how cruel, sadistic and awkward stories would be what you would try for instead. Fortunately it wasn’t long and the last story was enjoyable, but reading about yet another lawsuit involved Allen Klein was better.

Up next, Superfreakonomics and something else.

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