Getting Involved Evolved: Landing Page

As Mark just pointed out, this year is shaping up to be full of efforts to bring new people into our community. As part of this, I’m looking at ways to evolve the Get Involved pages to make them more helpful for more people.

The first step is to make what is currently a single page about getting involved into several pages. To do this, we need a landing page that can serve as the section’s main page. Below is a mock-up of what that could look like.

Photos of the community are prominent in this design (the main area would rotate through a few photos) and I think it is key to show people interested in Mozilla who the community is before diving into details about how to get involved.

Below the photos is an area where we can feature specific contribution opportunities. I’d like to explore making these as relevant as we can—what needs help right now? Maybe we wrap up each community marketing call by picking the two items that should be featured here?

Let me know what you think of this. I’ll post more information soon about some of the other ways we’re looking to evolve Get Involved.

3 thoughts on “Getting Involved Evolved: Landing Page

  1. Hey David! I like the mock-up and the idea of specific contribution opportunities (bi-)weekly letters. As I said, having a list of things doesn’t really help.
    Sending a letter with “opportunities” is indeed a better solution (and we can test it to see how it works).
    I think that there are several ways to formulate the contribution opportunities: Open Web Cookbook (short, funny how-to’s on how to build the open web and do hacks – using open tools and projects from Drumbeat), Build demos using HTML5, long term contribution as l10n, engagement champion.

    And as I said is very important to find a way making visible the local events (maybe a map, a mashup of various events platform the community uses). Or, the best way (for the beginning) is to redirect ppl to follow @mozpub .

    Do you think that it is still necessary to keep the contact form?

    1. Glad to hear you like the mock-up and the idea of timely opportunity information.

      I also agree that there are several ways to formulate things — and we should give a range of ways for people to get this information so they have what works for them.

      I’d like to see us roll out new ways to provide data over the rest of the year, so feel free to add suggestions to the Get Involved Evolved wiki page — for example, we can add something there about an Events page.

      For the contact form, I think we’ll always want and need a way for people to ask a question. It may become less used over time as other things become more helpful.


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