Making The Wiki Look Dino-Mite

First of all, apologies for the title.

The site is based on the design from a few years ago and it is time to give it some love. Milos has created a new skin based on the current design that we’re letting people test before making it live.

You can see a screenshot below.

You can try out this skin now and give us feedback by:

If there are no objections, we’ll tweak based on the comments and make it live soon.

3 thoughts on “Making The Wiki Look Dino-Mite

  1. Love it.
    It makes a lot more sense too.

    Optional: used for gender-correct addressing by the software. This information will be public.”

    Mine was set to Unspecified.
    No wonder the “software” kept addressing me as androgynous. 😐

  2. Everything looks nice and clear expect for the header highlights or whatever they’re called (Page, Discussion, etc). They could use some work.

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