Help Us Build A Virtual Park

Mozilla has been working with the World Wildlife Fund to raise funds to help protect Tumucumaque Park, the world’s largest tropical forest park and home to one in ten known species on Earth.

Instead of just talking about this park and it’s amazing biodiversity, we wanted to use the diversity on the Internet to show this in a fun and interactive way.

The Virtual Park is a visualization built by Mozilla Japan using advanced web technologies that takes tweets and builds a park with them. To grow the park, just tweet using #mozpark and then go check it out.

When the park launched last night there was a small handful of tweets around a pool. When I woke up the park had grown much bigger and there are now dozens of waterfalls, animals and plants to explore.

If you would like to help protect this biodiversity in Tumucumaque Park, please consider making a donation.

One thought on “Help Us Build A Virtual Park

  1. Firefox 3.6 REALLY didn’t enjoy the visit (memory usage shot up dramatically, things came to a stand still, just short of a freeze).
    But Firefox 4.0b12?
    Much better memory management, much more responsive, snappier, faster, enjoyable. 🙂

    Judging by the tweets, many others are enjoying the park visit too.

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