Updating the Nightly First Run page

Now that the nightly versions of Firefox have a great new logo I wanted to update the nightly first run page with the new image.

While I was adding that I updated out of date information and cleaned up the formatting to make it easier to scan (there was way too much text before).

I’m interested in ideas for other ways to improve this page. A large number of people interested in testing and coding see this and it is a great opportunity for us to help bring in more people to the community.

2 thoughts on “Updating the Nightly First Run page

  1. Give a reference to the new Fast-Dev-Model and announce that Nightly is not Firefox.Next any more but Firefox.Beyond-Next.

    A link to Aurora channel/dl-page as Firefox.Next would be nice, also a link to Beta channel/dl-page.

    This would give the user a felt wholesomeness, as Nighty/Aurora/Beta get new meanings atm.

    Maybe below the ‘Get involved’ section on the right.

    Otherwise the clean no-fuzzy crispiness is a nice feeling.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it would be helpful to put the Nightly channel in context with the rest of the channels. Patches for the page are welcome 🙂

      Glad to also hear you like the cleaner approach to things.

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