Mozilla Around The World

There are over 50 local Mozilla community sites from all over the world and I’ve been excited to work on some new pages that will help make finding these much easier.

I wanted to post the latest designs so people can get a view of what our community looks like in different parts of the world and to see if there is anything we’ve missed or should change.

Antarctica is unfortunately missing so if anyone knows anyone staying at McMurdo Station ask them if they’d be interested in organizing a local community.

4 thoughts on “Mozilla Around The World

    1. Good point. I think there are at least a few other places where there are several sites for one country or language (France and Japan, for instance). Maybe the best approach is to have one of those sites for a locale act as a portal to all of the relevant sites and then link to that portal from these pages instead of trying to add every site to this list? I’m certainly open to suggestions though.

  1. One site per locale? It is complicated and it depends on your goal. So… what is the goal?

    Please note:

    Mozilla Hispano is a community portal for all Spanish speaking people around the world. Proyecto NAVE is the Spanish (es-ES) localization team. is the Polish localization team, is a community focus Polish portal (with forum). is a successor of (if I understand changes on their site correctly).

    In France I know Frenchmozilla team only.

    1. Hubert,

      The goal is to make finding local sites easier and to provide a space to promote current contribution opportunities that are specific to a region.

      It’s certainly fine to add links to more than one site per locale, but adding too many pins in the map or too many links on the page could make finding information harder.

      That having been said, I think these pages should evolve to meet the needs of the local communities. The links I’ve collected are just a first pass and we can certainly update the content to make the pages more useful.


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