Contributor Best Practices

We had a great conversation at yesterday’s Contribute Group meeting where around 20 people from across Mozilla shared ideas and experiences about bringing new people into the project.

I’ve pulled those notes together into a contributor best practices document on the wiki that includes these tips:

Feel free to add to this document (or let me know if something like this already exists so we can combine them) or to take some of these ideas for your project.

Everyone is also welcome to come to the next Contribute Group meeting on Thursday, June 9 at 10 AM PDT. We’ll do these regularly every two weeks as long as people are finding that it’s helpful.

3 thoughts on “Contributor Best Practices

  1. Suggestion (that I didn’t just add because I want to filter it through you first): Be responsive. I’m pretty certain that contributors faced with non-responsive contacts are not likely to enjoy doing things.

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