A Maize maze, a buttefly garden and an I don’t know what

Time for a garden update now that we’ve got some things planted.

I’m giving corn another try, although I’m sure the varmints will get it again before it’s full grown. Even if we don’t get to eat it, we can still have fun—I planted a patch in a random pattern and figured the kids can have fun wandering around in there when it gets over their head.

H has also been interested in creating a butterfly garden so we’ve done some research about what butterflies around Berkeley like and have planted three different flowering plants. Here is one of the plants just starting to create some purple and yellow flowers.

The last plant is something that just started growing last year and has jumped up lately to around 5 feet tall. I have no idea what it is though (an Audrey 2 maybe?). Anyone know? I can take close-up shots of the leaves if that would help.

3 thoughts on “A Maize maze, a buttefly garden and an I don’t know what

  1. We have a purple Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) that attracts butterflies very well. I’m not sure which zones they do best in, but it’s a perennial and grows here in New England so I’m sure that it would do well out there.

    Ours is currently about 10′ tall, but will grow much taller if not cut back. You could always keep it lower.


    Gardening is exciting with kids though.
    Well, gardening is exciting period.

  2. Sure thing, but that particular one won’t blossom until July or so. Next month, the Summer flowers really kick in. I prefer them over the short lived Spring ones like Tulips, Phlox, Azaleas etc. At least those are Spring bloomers here.
    I like lilies, Marigold, Purple Cone Flower (especially) (never tried tea from it though) and Morning Glory.

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