Contribute Group meeting this Thursday

“I’ve used Firefox since version 1.5 and I would like to take part as a translator to translate Firefox to my native Malay language. I hope I’ll be accepted to join this community.” — from question posted on Get Involved page

Interested in helping people get involved with Mozilla, like the person above who wants to make a Malay localization? Then join us for this week’s Contribute Group meeting.

2 thoughts on “Contribute Group meeting this Thursday

  1. Wow a Malaysian volunteer! Quick pass his contact details to Gen Kanai. He’s been trying to drum up support for a Bahasa Malaysia localization for Firefox, but hasn’t gotten much if any interest yet. I guess we’re a pretty apathetic bunch.


    1. Phil, thanks. I’ve actually seen 3 different people interested in a Malay localization contact us through the Get Involved pages and have sent that information on to Gen and the l10n teams.

      I think the big challenge here isn’t finding people who are interested in helping, but in helping them get started.

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