A new look for the About Mozilla newsletter

The weekly About Mozilla newsletter is one of the ways we help people keep track of what’s going on in the community and to learn about how to get involved.

The design of the newsletter hasn’t been updated in a long time though, so we wanted to see if we could take what we’ve learned through other newsletter projects to improve the design of the About Mozilla email.

Here is a mockup of a possible new design for the About Mozilla email (click to see the full email). The goal was to highlight the content and make it easy to read.

You can take a look at last week’s newsletter to compare this to the current design.

What do you think? Does the new design seem easier to read? Are there things you would change with the mockup? Would you like to sign up for the newsletter so you can see what it looks like in real life when we’re done?

8 thoughts on “A new look for the About Mozilla newsletter

  1. Neato. I like it. It has more character, (yes) easier to read, taste great, less filling.

    The Read this in your browser link/line seems to be in an odd spot (perhaps further down would be nice), or, it breaks up the clean header (not in a pleasant way), or both. -shrug-

  2. I like the new look too, but I have a feature request: would it be possible to have a “What’s in this issue” section at the top with links to the subsequent topics?

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