Changes coming to Mozilla’s web universe

In addition to launching a new version of Thunderbird, the team also made major changes to the Thunderbird website—it has be redesigned and moved from to

This is part of our plan to make Mozilla’s story easier to understand by no longer using our organizational structure to talk about what we do. Why was Thunderbird at and Firefox at and other stuff on Not only is it a boring answer, but it isn’t relevant. What’s important is that everything we do supports our mission. Let’s focus on that.

There have been other recent changes as part of this plan. Some are small (Air Mozilla now lives on instead of and some are bigger (all of the Firefox product pages will soon be living at

If you notice some similarities between the Thunderbird and Firefox pages, you won’t be surprised to hear that we’ll also soon be redesigning the current pages to fit this design style so that everything on feels like part of the same site.

If you’re interested in any one of these changes or about the general plan to move our sites to the domain, feel free to comment here or look for more details in the Implementation section of the domain name strategy. We’ll also post more about this soon, so stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “Changes coming to Mozilla’s web universe

  1. If I remember right… the page was made when the mozilla corp was started…

    I guess I would like to be ONLY about the corp.
    I would like a page ONLY about the foundation.
    And then dump EVERYTHING else somewhere on like it always was… if you go to and wanna download something.. you should be redirected before you can even click on a download link.

    I find navigating, and even knowing where sites are to be a total chore.. and don’t even know of a site index that attempts to be complete.

    Can you move spreadfirefox and getfirefox and getpersonas and arewefastyet etc into a too?

    1. I agree that there still needs to be a place to find information specifically about the Mozilla Corporation or Mozilla Foundation and we have that. There is a section on about the legal organizations.

      And in this section there is a page with information about the Corporation.

      For the link redirecting, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Someone going to will be taken to

      As for a site index, this directory of sites is the most complete site list I’m aware of. If you see anything missing from there, please let me know.

      For other sites such as, some of those may move and some may stay. There could be good reasons at times to not use the domain, but the default should be to use, IMO.


  2. If and when you move the Firefox pages: I had a look at the current Firefox site, and for the love of me I couldn’t find the release notes (y’know, what software & hardware do I need before I even try to install Firefox?)

    So either that page (or section) is missing, orit’s not discoverable.

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