How many people are in the Mozilla community?

How many people are in the Mozilla community? The short answer is that we don’t know.

We can make educated guesses (we know how many people were invited to the 2010 Summit, how many people use Nightly builds, etc) and the numbers we have are represented in this community infographic (thanks to everyone for feedback on the earlier version).

There are some challenges with getting more clarity here. One is that there are many ways to contribute that don’t involve working with our tools.

For instance, the localization community knows who is committing changes for each locale since they have SVN accounts, so we can talk with them directly. But there are many people who localize content and then hand that to the person for their locale who checks things in.

We have much less visibility with that part of the localization community and can’t talk with them directly (to ask all localizers to the Summit we needed the people with commit access to tell us who to invite).

Another issue is our fractured ways of handling accounts. Someone who tests Nightly builds, files issues in Bugzilla and checks in code in our repositories shows up as three numbers when looking at information across systems.

Not requiring that people maintain multiple accounts across our many sites and tools would probably make people’s lives a little less complicated, but it would also help us understand how many people are involved in different project areas.

The Community Directory project should help with this. People can create a profile that shows what they’re involved with across the project. Once this starts getting used widely, there will be many benefits to having this added clarity.

Want to find Mozillians in Auckland for a meetup? Need an expert XPCOM hacker to review a patch? Want to make it easy for someone to mail you a shirt to thank you for all your hard work?

The current plan is to have the directory ready in August. For now, you can sign-up to receive an email when the directory goes live.

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