Mozilla’s World Wide Community

To help people get involved with Mozilla in the area where they live, we just posted some new pages that make it easy to find local communities in different parts of the world.

Instead of talking about how there are over 50 local community sites though, I figure it would be better just to show them all…

7 Responses to Mozilla’s World Wide Community

  1. Ken Saunders says:

    Fantastic idea and work!

    I’ll be sure to drop by the Mozilla Arctic Research Station and say hi when I’m up there next year gathering ice core samples as part of my search for the purest ingredients for my homemade raspberry limeade slurpee’s. :)

  2. Ken Saunders says:

    I’ll be 82 in 2050. I’ll have my wheelchair modified to have tracks instead of wheels.

  3. Majda says:

    Hello David!

    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for this but since I didn’t find any email adress, I thought I would post a comment.

    Rami told me to contact you to get Mozilla Algeria added to the map, we just launched the website and we’re ready to kick start the community :)

    Thanks a lot!

  4. […] In December 2010, I joined the new Contributor Engagement team that was focused on helping more people get involved with Mozilla. Some of our first priorities were to improve the page and add new pages about how to get involved in regional communities around the world. […]

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