A video about how to get involved with QA

The QA team has produced a great video that shows people a few of the ways they can get involved with testing.

We just posted it to the Nightly first run page where thousands of people interested in testing the latest Firefox features will see this each day. Download a Nightly build to check out the video.

I think that showing people how to get involved with Mozilla is exciting and I’m interested in putting together a series of videos about how to contribute to all of the different project areas. If you’d like to help with that, let me know.

5 thoughts on “A video about how to get involved with QA

  1. LOL at the previous comments.

    Where will this video appear? Beta? Aurora? It’s seems overly basic for those already brave and knowledgeable enough to run Nightly.
    I imagine in the future they’ll be videos for reporting bugs and Litmus etc right?

    It is an awesome concept. I love it. Much better than just providing links.
    Perhaps just update the browser screen shots?

    “Yes, people from Mozilla actually do look at the crash reports”

    1. Right now this is just appearing on the Nightly first run page, but it could be put other places. I also agree that some of the information could be updated and could be made more relevant for Nightly testers. We’re actually working on a new Nightly QA video, but wanted to put this one up for now.


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