Newsletter Coordinator Opportunity

Take your involvement with Mozilla to the next level by driving the publication of the about:mozilla newsletter.

Contributor Engagement is looking for someone to join the team as a volunteer to create compelling content for contributors. Learn more about the Newsletter Coordinator role below and send email to about-mozilla at mozilla dot com if you’re interested.

Newsletter Coordinator role

The Newsletter Coordinator will focus on getting contributors involved in projects across the Mozilla project by creating compelling and informative content for the weekly about:mozilla newsletter. This newsletter is a key communication channel for Mozilla’s active contributors.

This person will be responsible for collecting interesting and timely contribution opportunities, writing a weekly summary of this information and preparing the content to be published as a blog post and an email newsletter.

Additionally, the Newsletter Coordinator will be a member of the Contributor Engagement team and may pitch in on contributor engagement activities and communications.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Track Planet Mozilla and other key communication channels to gather information about contribution opportunities.
  • Write a weekly summary of important news and contribution information.
  • Work with the rest of the Contributor Engagement team to polish the content and prepare it for publishing.
  • Respond to any questions or comments that come in through the about:mozilla email newsletter or blog.


  • Can contribute approximately 4 to 6 hours a week.
  • Has experience with and knowledge of the Mozilla community.
  • Has strong writing skills.
  • Is fluent with English (currently the newsletter is English only but we can make it available in other languages if the coordinator is fluent in multiple languages or is interested in coordinating with the l10n community to localize content).
  • Loves working as part of a team, but has the ability to work independently.

The Newsletter Coordinator will take their involvement with Mozilla to the next level and will gain useful skills, contacts and experience. In recognition of their contributions to Mozilla, the Newsletter Coordinator may also receive swag, travel expenses to team events or other items that express our appreciation for their contributions.

Please send email to about-mozilla at mozilla dot com if you’re interested.

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