Making more resources available to bring more people into Mozilla

I’m very excited that the Mozilla Community Directory is now live. I’ve been focused on this all year and now I’m thinking about what to focus on next.

This directory will be a resource that everyone can use to improve the experience of contributing to Mozilla and I’d like to see what other resources people need to get more contributors involved.

I’ve recently started conversations with almost 40 people from 20 different project areas to learn about what else they could use to be more effective.

One thing that would help is better data about what areas new contributors are interested in and how difficult it is for someone to start contributing.

I’ve talked to the Metrics team about this and they’ve just drafted a mockup of a Get Involved dashboard. Does this look useful? Is there other information you’d like to see?

Mozillians have always helped new people get involved, but Mozilla has changed a lot since the early days and the way we bring in new contributors needs to change as well.

In addition to more tools like the Community Directory and better metrics, there is also a need for

* Optimized contributor channels
* Community building skill development
* Institutional knowledge sharing
* And more

If you have ideas for other things that would be useful or if you’d like to talk through how to make it easier for people to get involved in what you’re doing, please feel free to comment here, post to the Contribute Group on Yammer or contact me directly at dboswell at mozilla dot com.

7 thoughts on “Making more resources available to bring more people into Mozilla

    1. It isn’t intentionally ironic 🙂

      I wanted to try out new discussion options since there hasn’t been a lot of traction using mailing lists for these sorts of conversations.

      The Yammer thing may be a completely failed experiment for this, but it seemed worth trying.

      Let me go check to see I set it up correctly to be public…

  1. Indeed, if you load the Yammer link it says “Please verify your authorized email address to join this Yammer Network:”, with a hoverpopup that says “authorized” means an address.


    1. When I set up that group, Yammer seemed to be saying it would be public. I’m new to Yammer so maybe I set it up wrong. Do you know if having a public Yammer forum is even possible to do?

      1. Yeah, I didn’t see any ways to make it more public when I checked the settings.

        The ‘external network’ on Yammer seems like it is invitation only from what I can tell — which isn’t all that helpful.

        So the Yammer thing may be a failed experiment — feel free to suggest better places to have discussions like this.

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